Best Cat Stocking Stuffer Ideas Your Cat Will Actually Use

Cat Stocking Stuffer Ideas For Christmas That Your Cat Actually Wants

With the holidays coming up, you’re starting to make your Christmas wish lists. As you make your list, don’t forget about your cat!

The following 13 toys are the BEST cat stocking stuffer ideas.

These cat toys will allow your cat to hunt, use their mind to work for food and burn off extra energy to stay at a healthy weight.

These toys are at a wide variety of prices to fit EVERYONE’S Christmas budget.

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1. Cat Dancer


Simple in design, this cat toy is a thin piece of wire with small cardboard tubes at the end.

This toy may not seem like much but it is pure crazy cat fun! The best part is that it will only cost you a few bucks.

The curve of the wire gives the cardboard erratic movement that mimics a flying insect.

If you have a kitty who is rough on their toys then I suggest picking up a few of these toys. Check the current price at Amazon here.

2. EcoCity Feather Cat Teaser Toy


This feather toy will get your cat up and exercising.

The feathers are attached to a clip on the string which makes them easy to change out once your cat has destroyed the feathers.

You can get a fun pack of refills to make sure you never run out. The refill pack contains a long tail-like feather attachment which is one of my cat’s favorite.

This design allows the feathers to fly and spin through the air when you wave them. Check the current price at Amazon here.

3. Vision Smart Interactive Cat Toys Ball


This ball has been updated recently. It now is rechargeable with a USB cord, takes half as long to reach a full charge, and will last for 4 hours of play.

After you turn it on, the ball will roll around with a rotating LED light that your cat will not be able to resist. You don’t have to worry about the charge running out after each play session because this toy has an auto-shutoff feature after 40 minutes. PLENTY of time for kitty to get a good workout.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

4. Interactive Swimming Robot Fish By Black Hole Litter Mat


This pack of four robotic fish runs on small batteries. They automatically start swimming when they sense they’re in the water.

Blinking LED lights catch your cat’s attention and draw them over. Once you’re all done and take them out of the water, they automatically turn off to conserve battery.

The reviews are filled with tons of pictures and videos of people’s cats going bonkers over these robotic fish. Check the current price at Amazon here.

5. Earthtone Solutions Wool Felt Ball Toys


For a cat or cat family who prefers their toys made from natural materials, these wool felt balls fit the bill.

These felted ball toys are high quality and 100% wool WITHOUT dangerous styrofoam cores to keep your cat safe.

By purchasing these cat toys, you’re helping to employ women in Nepal. They’re sustainably produced and the dyes are completely safe for your cat.

Cats are naturally attracted to wool so they’ll take to them quickly. Even better is that they’re quiet so you won’t be woken by bells or crinkles in the night.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

6. Cat Grass Growing Kit With Organic Seed Mix


Cat grass is easy to grow, especially in a cute container.

This kit contains solely organic and non-GMO seeds of wheat, barley, oats, rye, and flax so you can feel good about your cat gnawing on it.

Having a container of cat grass around can help deter your felines from nibbling on your other houseplants.

Cats are attracted to cat grass because it’s a helpful digestive aid with fiber and minerals. Perfect for a cat who is prone to hairballs.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

7. Doc & Phoebe’s Indoor Hunting Cat Feeder


These mouse-shaped feeders were designed by a veterinarian and are perfect for getting your cat to use their natural hunting instincts.

The set comes with three mice “skins” and their corresponding feeder inserts. The scoop allows you to easily measure out your cat’s daily kibble into the feeders to then hide around the house. NO PEEKING!

By hiding them in different locations around the house in the morning and evening, your cat will be hunting for their food as they would naturally.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

8. HEXBUG Nano Robotic Cat Toy


This robotic bug toy mimics the speed and movements of a live insect. Even cats who aren’t a fan of chasing bugs will like chasing the attached furry tail.

Due to its small size, it’s recommended to always supervise your cat during use and remove it if any pieces become loose. If you’re worried about the small size or have a toy-eater, then the larger HEXBUG mouse cat toy is a better option.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

9. Legendog Cat Slow Feeder Mouse


This mouse slow feeder works for kibble and treats. If you have a cat who gobbles down their food and immediately cries for more, this is made for them.

The transparent cover lets the cat see that there’s food inside. The small holes prevent the cat from dumping all the food out at once. They must wobble the mouse back and forth in order to work all the food out.

Thankfully, the face of the mouse is removable to allow for easy fillup and cleaning. Check the current price at Amazon here.

10. PetDroid Boltz Hanging Automatic Interactive Laser Cat Toy


This battery-powered laser pointer sticks to a window via suction cup which keeps it out of reach of your cat’s paws.

Once turned on, the laser will move across floors and walls in a random motion so your cat never knows where the red dot is heading next. It will automatically turn off after 10 minutes so that your cat isn’t overstimulated.

The laser is a Level 1 class which means it is pet safe. This also means it is a weaker beam so using it in a darker room is best.

If you don’t have any windows convenient, this laser pointer can be attached to a wall using the included wall mount. A great toy to bring along while traveling.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

11. PetSafe SlimCat Food Dispenser Toy Ball


Another puzzle feeder cat toy that makes your cat work for their food.

If your cat isn’t food motivated to figure how to get their daily meals out of it, this is a good ball for treats as well.

The holes that allow the food to exit are adjustable and the ball holds up to 2/3 cup of dry food. Putting a low-calorie food item inside will help an overweight or obese cat become more active and shed the weight.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

12. Cat Food Dispenser Ball Feather Toy By All for Paws Interactive


This unique feeder toy has a ball and feather attached to the bottom of the canister.

As your cat plays and tugs on the ball, the container releases a few kibbles.

The toy gently clamps onto the edge of a table so that the toys dangle down to your cat’s level.

Slow feeding keeps your cat from gorging themselves and getting sick. If you have a cat with this tendency, then this feeder toy can help.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

13. Petronics Mousr Interactive Robotic Cat Toy


This small robotic mouse car features a long tail that it can whip around. The tails are replaceable and offered in three styles.

The robotic mouse can be controlled like a remote control car using your smartphone. There are 3 automatic set options you can choose from if you’d rather have your cat play on their own.

Another design benefit is that Mousr is completely rechargeable and can be located by using the sound option through the app.

Mousr can stand up to even rough play and can turn itself back over. There’re options to have Mousr struggle or “play dead” after your cat has caught it depending on how they prefer their prey.

Check the current price at Amazon here.

Mark Your Cat’s Wish List Complete

Cats are valued members of my family and each has their very own stocking. All of these cat stocking stuffer ideas will fit nicely inside.

Unlike many other cat gifts, these toys are designed based on a cat’s natural behaviors. They’re unique, yet simple enough that everyone can use them to play.

Let me know in the comments if your cats have their own Christmas stocking.

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